by Captain W. E. Johns



(No Chapter Number)              IN PASSING  (Pages 254 – 255)


Ten days later, early in the evening, Biggles walks into his flat where Algy and Ginger are waiting.  Biggles tells them, the Foreign Secretary said “Thank you very much”.  Biggles says “When you’ve worked for the government as long as I have you’ll know that virtue is expected to be its own reward”.  However, “Lord Lottison has been kind enough to ask us all to dine with him, at his house, in order that certain members of the Cabinet may learn at first hand just what transpired during the operations of His Majesty’s aircraft Nemesis in the Straits of the Mergui Archipelago.  Go and put on your best bibs and tuckers, and look sharp about it; Cabinet Ministers don’t like being kept waiting”.