by Captain W. E. Johns



IV.                   UNEXPECTED DEVELOPMENTS  (Pages 41 – 48)


Biggles says to his comrades “Trust us to walk into something like this” and then he tells them the letter is in his breast pocket.  If anything happens to him, they must get the letter at any cost and go on with it.  They hear the “crash” of pistol shots and Biggles says “I reckon they’ve got Frazer”.  Walking through the kitchen, where they are shouted at by a Spanish woman, Biggles leaves by the back door where five men are waiting.  “Looks as if we’re in for a rough house” says Biggles quietly.  Suddenly and unexpectedly a saloon motor-car swings round the corner at speed and bares down on them.  The driver tells them to get in and Biggles, Algy and Ginger all pile in.  Shots are fired at them as the car drives off.  A man grabs the front door and Biggles kicks him off.  The driver of the car is middle aged “and clearly a foreigner”.  Biggles thanks him, but the driver is strangely uncommunicative and when asked where they are going just answers “you’ll see”.  The car draws up at what appears to be a large private hotel.  Taken to a room on the fourth floor, Biggles is astonished when the man pulls a gun on them!  “Give me that envelope” he says.