by Captain W. E. Johns



XIV.                        WINGED WARFARE  (Pages 166 – 177)


Ginger introduces Biggles and Algy as friends of his.  Ginger asks if Jock went down in flames?  Cy says not as far as he knows.  Jock went down near Ortrovidad.  Ginger tells Biggles that Jock had put the letter in his wallet.  Biggles, Algy and Ginger discuss what to do – should they try and go after the letter or just get out of Spain?  They decide to go after the letter and come up with a plan to steal the big Italian Caproni bomber that is on the aerodrome.  It’s one of Franco’s planes and they will be glad to have it back.  They all walk over and examine the plane but Harkwell comes over and explains they are “short of fellers this morning”.  “Lopez has gone sick with toothache and Schnitz has got a touch of dysentery.  I’d like you to make up the fight.  We’re taking off right now”.  Ginger has no real choice but to agree.  Ginger is able to have a few minutes to talk privately with Biggles and they agree that when Ginger is in the air he will break away and follow Biggles and Algy in the Caproni that they intend to steal.  Ginger is told there is a cap and goggles in the seat of his single-seater aircraft and a parachute.  Cy lends him his map.  Cy takes off and is followed by four other planes and then Ginger takes off after them.  Looking down on the aerodrome, Ginger see the Caproni taking off as well.  On the map, Ginger finds Ortrovidad and then prepares to leave the other aircraft to join the Caproni at the first favourable opportunity.