By Captain W. E. Johns



V.                    WAR IN THE JUNGLE  (Pages 44 - 55)


"As it happened, the Japanese arrived first".  Ginger and the three refuges plan to hide in the jungle but the three Beaufighters arrive and shoot up the Japanese soldiers.  Ginger is dropped a note "Stand fast, Rex is near you.  Taffy".  Taffy has taken Ginger's place in the gun-turret of Biggles machine.  The surviving Japanese soldiers approach only to fall prey to blow-pipes as Rex and his party of natives arrive.  "Presently Suba appeared followed by several of his warriors.  They nearly all carried burdens that made Ginger back away in horror.  They were Japanese heads".  Our heroes then spend two days making their way on foot back to Lucky Strike carrying the two injured Americans in portable chairs.  The three futives tell about their escape and the brutality of the Japanese commander, a man named Yashnowada.  There are about 40 to 50 white prisoners being held at Cotabato including General Barton and two white women.  Biggles sends Angus and Jackson in the Liberator, with Harcourt and Ferris as gunners, to Australia to get an Amphibian aircraft which he will need for any rescue attempt and permission to do so from Higher Command as Cotabato is also an ammunition dump that can be attacked.  Bertie is sent with Gray and Algy with Ginger as his gunner (Tug has been injured boxing with Suba) to go and get photographs of Cotabato to help plan the mission.