By Captain W. E. Johns



VI.                   AN UNWELCOME PASSENGER  (Pages 56 - 68)


Two hours before dawn Bertie and Bill Gray and Algy and Ginger set off on their mission.  On the way back, Ginger becomes aware of a snake in his cockpit.  A deadly krait, whose bite is fatal!  Ginger tells Algy not to bank or the snake will fall on him.  Algy is forced to land on an island beach so they can get away from the deadly snake, but the Beaufighter is badly damaged on landing and will never fly again.  Here, Algy and Ginger are captured by the Japanese as on this island they have a submarine fueling station.  A submarine takes Algy and Ginger to Cotabato and here they meet the notorious Yashnowada.  He says "I have been known to make the very dumb speak.  You have until the morning to think it over" and then Algy and Ginger are taken away.