By Captain W. E. Johns



XIII.                        ADVENTURES ON THE RIVER  (Pages 136 - 145)


The Cayman aircraft settles on an islet with the Wong brothers recognise as being some two miles past their mill.  Biggles sees a washed up barge on the bank and goes to investigate.  When Ginger goes to speed up his return the plane floats away leaving both Biggles and Ginger separated from the airplane.  The petrol tank of the barge is half full.  "We're dong fine" says Biggles.  "First we have a plane but not enough petrol.  Now we have petrol but no plane".  Biggles and Ginger do their best to empty the barge so they can float down stream after the plane.  Biggles then starts the engine to get more speed.  On catching up with the Cayman, they find it has been caught by a Japanese motor launch.  Biggles rams the launch and it sinks like a stone.  He then floats past the Cayman.  Trying to stop and turn, Biggles jams the barge into the flooded jungle, only to see the Cayman floating past.  Algy starts the engine on the plane to get back to Biggles.  Pulling alongside the barge, Biggles confirms the Wong brothers are still with him.  "The Chinese always did think we were a race of lunatics".