By Captain W. E. Johns



XV.                 DISASTER AT LUCKY STRIKE  (Pages 157 - 168)


Biggles, Algy and Ginger are told the story of what has happened.  Jungle drums confirmed that Japanese troops were advancing through the bamboo belt towards the heart of the island under the command of Yashnowada.  Then Lucky Strike had suffered the first of three air raids.  The first raid was with 18 Japanese Bombers.  Two Beaufighters had gone up to fight them but the third one, grounded for repairs was destroyed in the raid.  Then 12 Bombers came and only one Beaufighter was able to go up to fight them, flown by Bertie.  He had to bail out and that Beaufighter was lost.  The third bombing raid had then destroyed the last Beaufighter.  The Liberator had not returned from Australia so they have no aircraft now.  "If this little yellow swine Yashnowada thinks he's going to knock up out - and that is evidently his intention - he's got another think coming" says Biggles and he then asks Rex to get the natives to fill in the bomb holes so the Liberator can land if and when it returns.  The Liberator does arrive, piloted by Angus and is immediately refueled.  Ginger gets in to taxi it under the trees when 12 enemy bombers arrive forcing Ginger to take off to save the Liberator from destruction.  Hours later, over the Indian ocean Ginger sees a Fairey Fulmar - a British aircraft!  They speak to him over the radio and get him to land on their aircraft carrier - the "Adelaide" - Royal Australian Navy.  Taken to Captain Garnet, Ginger explains how he comes to be there.