By Captain W. E. Johns



XVI.                        GINGER GOES BACK  (Pages 168 - 177)


Back at Lucky Strike, Biggles and co. are forced to sit in the caves whilst they are bombed.  "To have to sit and take it was a new experience for most of the members of Biggles's squadron".  Biggles is starting to feel better and asks Rex to try to get Suba and the neighbouring tribes to attack the advancing Japanese.  The next morning Biggles is feeling better still, but the Japanese attack once again, this time with 18 bombers.  Suddenly 12 Fairey Fulmars arrive and attack the bombers and 9 of the bombers are shot down.  The battle becomes a rout.  One single Fulmar comes in to land and the pilot is Ginger.  "My goodness! I'm tired," he murmured.  "Don't worry, though, I'm not going to sleep yet.  I've bought a packet of good tidings that should make good listening - as they say at the B.B.C."