By Captain W. E. Johns



III.                   THE ROAD TO MONTE CARLO  (Pages 33 - 49)


The following night our heroes parachute safely into Monaco and hide their parachutes in an old abandoned house as recommended by Ducoste.  They split up and we follow Ginger as he makes his way into Monte Carlo and sleeps outdoors.  In the morning he befriends a local policeman, a gendarme, who buys him bread in a cafe in return for an onion.  The cafe proprietor buys two kilos of Ginger's onions and the men chat about the local gossip.  "They say there was an Englishman here the other day - a spy".  It is not known if he was caught or not or shot or not.  There are various rumours.  Ginger heads to the harbour looking for the Quai de Plaisance as it is possible Biggles may have left a message here.  Ginger spots Bertie in the distance, apparently being chased by an ugly looking boatman.  They disappear out of Ginger's sight.