By Captain W. E. Johns



VII.                 GOOD SAMARITANS  (Pages 84 - 92)


When Bertie comes round he finds that he has been unceremoniously dumped down some stairs on the cliff edge and only just avoided going over.  A local woman comes to him and bathes his head and says he should light some candles at the church as a thanksgiving not to have been killed.  This Bertie does, then he goes to the Quai de Plaisance to wait for either Algy or Ginger.  Here a local girl asks him to follow her and Bertie is taken to the house where Ginger is recovering.  (The colour frontispiece is from page 90 where Bertie wonders if this is a trap).  The girl is Jeanette, Henri Ducoste's sister.  Ginger and Bertie swap stories.  Bertie says "I'm not so bright myself.  A dago waiter walloped me on the boko last night, and the old skull still rocks a bit".  Suddenly, there is a knock at the door.  It's the police!