By Captain W. E. Johns



VIII.                        JOCK'S BAR  (Pages 92 - 102)


Algy walks to Nice, a distance of some 12 miles.  He goes to Jock's Bar to see if any message has been left by Biggles and finds "VILLA V."  This is followed by a Swastika and the blue triangle.  Algy concludes that Villa Valdora is occupied by the enemy.  Algy sees blood stains and climbs into an old abandoned beach changing area.  Here he is arrested by Signor Gordino and a gendarme, lying in wait.  Using his pistol as a club, Algy fights his way out and runs for his life.  He buys a bicycle off a passer-by and cycles to the aerodrome at Californie but finds that obstructions have been put up making it impossible to land there.  Cycling back through Nice and then on to Monaco, he gets a puncture at the village of Eze.  Algy goes into a cafe to have a meal and find out where he can get the puncture repaired but four gendarmes arrive and show interest in his bicycle.  They ask a nearby labourer who owns the  bicycle and he says the man that went into the cafe.