By Captain W. E. Johns



XIV.                        AU BON CUISINE  (Pages 162 - 174)


Bertie and Algy are taken to a hidden cellar and there on a wooden bedstead, on which a bed of dried herbs had been arranged, lies Biggles.  "Hello, boys" he says.

(Biggles makes his first appearance in this story on page 165).  Biggles tells his story.  After being shot by a bullet which hit a rib and tore a whole in his side, the Princess jumped out and shot the pursuing Italians.  She then dragged Biggles down to the sea where they hid with their noses just out of the water "while the wops searched high and low".  They then made their way to Nice, half wading and half swimming.  They got to Jock's Bar where Biggles left the blood stains.  The Princess went and got Mario and he happens to be in the local defence service as an ambulance driver.  It is kept in his empty garage.  They then bought Biggles here.  The Princess stayed and nursed him and Mario kept them supplied with food.  Most of the blue writing was done before Biggles was shot at the Californie airfield.  Biggles had been to Villa Valdora before being shot and bumped into Mario lurking in the bushes.  He had somehow learned about the Princess.  It was he who told Biggles the Princess had been taken to the police station at Monaco.  Back at Mario's house, Biggles made the note on the Pernod card, wanting to put anyone who came later in touch with Mario.  Later, the Princess was sent to write the message on the wall drawing attention to the Pernod card.  Algy then tells his story followed by Bertie, who also tells Ginger's story as far as he knows it.  Biggles says they need to wait until morning to see if Ginger arrives.