By Captain W. E. Johns



XVI.                        BIGGLES TAKES OVER  (Pages 186 - 197)


Biggles sends Bertie to find out the gen about the aircraft.  How long are they here, how they are moored, are they guarded, etc.  He is to meet Biggles and Ginger in an hour.  Biggles and Ginger go and join loads of Italian soldiers swimming.  With about 100 Italian's dressing and undressing, it is an easy job to undress and then redress in the clothes of two Italian officers.  They then go to Chez Rossi and find Mario and tell him the latest news.  They plan to rescue the Ducostes by getting Mario to drive them in his ambulance to 6 Rue Mariniere.  Mario tells the Moegasque policeman on guard outside that they have come to arrest the occupants of the house.  Inside, Ginger tells Madame and Jeanette Ducoste that Henri is safe and with them.  They have to leave with them right away.  Outside, an unruly crowd has gathered to try and prevent the arrest but our heroes manage to get away through them.  They stop for Bertie on the way and he jumps in the back.  Biggles asks Mario is he will come with the Princess to England and he agrees.  "For her I will suffer the rain and the fog" he says.  Mario drives them all back to Castillon and then hides the ambulance off the road.  Biggles takes Madame and Jeanette Ducoste to meet Henri.