By Captain W. E. Johns



XIX.                        FAREWELL TO FRANCE  (Pages 216 - 223)


Everyone gets on board but shells start to land around them.  Biggles decides to fly to Algeria due to the lack of petrol.  Algy and Bertie man the gun turrets and keep an eye out for hostile aircraft - particularly British aircraft as they are flying an Italian plane.  Flying until out of petrol, Biggles just reaches the coast of Africa and beaches the aircraft.  Biggles writes "British" in the sand to indicate to incoming Hurricane aircraft they are friends.  They are picked up by an American convoy and the rest is mere routine.  They are all taken to British HQ in Algiers and Henri is taken to hospital.  At the end of the week they are flown back to England in a troop-carrier.  They visitors are comfortably settled and Biggles and co. go and see Air Commodore Raymond.  Ginger asks for a spot of leave to spend some time with Jeanette.