By Captain W. E. Johns


Published in April 1945







THE WAY THE AIR FORCE SAYS IT Pages 7 & 8 - a short introduction before a Glossary of Terms that Occur in this Story


I. OUTWARD BOUND (Pages 9 - 16)


Biggles (who is introduced in this book as "Squadron Leader Bigglesworth") and the nine other members of Number 666 (Fighter) Squadron, R.A.F. (consisting of 3 Flight Commanders, Algy Lacey, Bertie Lisse and Angus Mackail and 6 Flying Officers, Ginger Hebblethwaite, Tex O'Hara, Taffy Hughes, Tug Carrington, Henry Harcourt and Ferocity Ferris) are on a flight to Malta. On arrival they have an hour before being flown to Alexandria. On arrival there, they have an hour before being flown on to Baghdad and from there they are flown to Karachi. From here they make their final journey to Dum Dum, an airfield about two miles from Calcutta. At last, arriving at this, their final destination, Air Commodore Raymond is waiting to meet them. Biggles is taken off for a conference with the Air Officer Commanding India and the G.O.C. land forces. He is told that his squadron was bought out the way it was for two reasons, speed and security. Raymond is then invited to tell Biggles the story.