By Captain W. E. Johns



VIII.                        DEATH MARCHES ON  (Pages 78 - 87)


Biggles wants to speak with Sergeant Gray.  They find him lying on the floor of a hanger apparently drunk.  Lal Din is called to bring black coffee and Biggles and Johnny Crisp manage to speak to the Sergeant briefly but they leave him to sleep it off.  Biggles and Johnny return to the mess to have dinner.  Johnny goes back to check on Gray afterwards, only to find him dead!  When Biggles searches the surrounding area he finds a slip of greaseproof paper about three inches square on which is printed WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF CHARNEYS, LTD., LONDON.  NOT FOR SALE.  SUPPLIED FOR THE USE OF H.M. FORCES ONLY.  The body is sent off for a post mortem.  Biggles goes to see the mess secretary and the barman from the sergeant's mess.  The barman says he only served Gray with iced lemonade that night.