By Captain W. E. Johns



X.                    THE BLITZ THAT FAILED  (Pages 99 - 111)


When Biggles lands at Dum Dum he finds everyone in a flap as 98 Japanese Mitsubishi bombers are on their way, without any escort, to bomb them, probably because they are confident of the advantage given to them by their secret weapon.  Biggles is able to stop a formation of six Spitfires taking off as he has an idea.  He musters a total of 16 aircraft and tells all the pilots to forget about the secret weapon.  "If anyone goes for a Burton to-day it will be from some other cause".  They take off and attack the Mitsubishi bombers with devastating results.  Scrimshaw is killed ramming a Japanese bomber.  11 out of their 16 planes return to Dum Dum.  Air Commodore Raymond, who saw the epic battle, says he counted 23 enemy bombers hit the ground but says there must be a lot of others that won't get back due to heavy damage.  Henry Harcourt has been injured after being shot in the arm and then injuring his leg on a tree after baling out.  Ginger is missing.  The two other pilots lost were from 910 Squadron.  However, there was no sign of any secret weapon.