By Captain W. E. Johns



XII.                 THE ORIENTAL TOUCH  (Pages 123 - 130)


Ginger explains how he got a brace of bombers and went for the hat-trick only to be shot down and he had to bale out.  He landed in a paddy field.  Ginger goes to clean up.  Air Commodore Raymond asks Biggles who he suspects is the saboteur and he says Lal Din, the steward.  Biggles says he claims to be a Burmese Chinaman but his accent is a bit too pronounced and he thinks he is part Japanese.  Biggles says that Charneys of London is an old established firm, quite about suspicion.  Someone is getting hold of the stuff and putting the dope into it.  Raymond wants Lal Din arrested but Biggles is against the idea however he goes along with the Air Commodore.  They call for Lal Din and Biggles gives him the chocolate and asks him to eat it.  Lal Din runs for it and then draws a narrow-bladed knife and commits 'hara-kari' by driving the blade into his side and dragging it across his stomach.  "Well, there goes our link with the enemy organization" says Biggles.