By Captain W. E. Johns



XIII.                        FRESH PLANS  (Pages 130 - 138)


"That was a dirty business," remarked Algy.  "It was really my fault.  I should have insisted on playing the game my own way", says Biggles.  "Still, let's be charitable.  Raymond is nearly out of his mind with worry; he must be desperately anxious to get the business buttoned up".  Biggles speaks to Ali Mansur, the manager of the canteen.  He was a sergeant in the King's African Rifles for 24 years so above suspicion as far as Biggles is concerned.  He tell Biggles that a man calling himself Lal Din's brother has come to the main gate on occasion to meet him.  He also says that Lal Din was employed following the recommendation of a firm of shippers' and merchants' agents called Messrs. Tahil and Larapindi.  They also supply items to the canteen ........ such as chocolate and chewing-gum.  Mr. Larapindi himself rang asking Mansur to find work for Lal Din.  Biggles tells Algy to keep in touch with Sergeant Mansur and if anyone comes for Lal Din, Algy is to tell him he is sick and then follow him.  Biggles flies his Typhoon aircraft to Jangpur to stop the doping going on there and try to catch the man responsible.  Before he does so he rings Squadron Leader Frayle to say he is going to fly to Chungking and he doesn't mind who knows.  When Biggles arrives at Jangpur he takes Frayle into his confidence about what is happening and then flies a Wellington to Chungking.  In the locker, Biggles finds a packet of chewing-gum.