by Captain W. E. Johns



IV.                   BIGGLES LOOKS ROUND  (Pages 42 - 50)


At the break of dawn Biggles surveys the sea for signs of the U-boat.  Biggles, Ginger and Bertie set off to explore whilst Algy mans the radio in case of incoming signals.  The island is rugged and desolate.  Not a tree or a bush is in sight, just patches of stiff wiry grass.  The find a rotten life-boat and five skeletons.  "God!  What a place to be cast away," breathed Biggles.  At the top of a rise they see a ship, a whaler. heading south-west.  The ship appears to be losing oil, much more than would be normal.  They return to the huts and Algy says the air has been fairly buzzing with signals - all in code.  They know the U-boat is around, but who has von Schonbeck been communicating with ........ could it be the whaler?  Biggles is suspicious of the whaler.  A few miles to the east of the whaler was a school of whales but it didn't turn towards them.  Biggles looks at the map to see where the whaler could be heading.  But there is nothing in the direction it was going before the pack ice.  The nearest island was Corbie Island, but it's exact location was doubtful.  After lunch, Biggles and Ginger fly out to take a look at the whaler.