by Captain W. E. Johns



V.                    THE WHALER  (Pages 51 -  60)


Biggles only has to follow the oil trail to find the whaler.  As he approaches the whaler, she changes course and heads due east.  The whaler is flying a Norwegian flag.  The crew wave at them and they wave back.  They fly back and follow the oil trail to its source.  This turns out to be a circular cove on Kerguelen, almost flooded with oil.  There is a camp down there, so Biggles lands.  As he does so, there is a nearby explosion.  A wild pig has been blown to bits.  There are three huts or cabins at the camp and it appears to have been abandoned.  Biggles finds a biscuit tin out in the open and instructs Ginger to lie flat.  Doing the same, Biggles shoots at the tin and it blows up.  It was a booby trap.  Biggles says "Nazis have been here. We shall have to watch where we are putting our feet.  And I'll tell you something else.  Nazis don't set booby traps for penguins or wild hogs.  Von Schonbeck knows we're here".