by Captain W. E. Johns



VI.                   TRAGEDY ASHORE  (Pages 61 - 69)


Biggles thinks this is von Schonbeck's camp - either his main base or an emergency depot.  Biggles thinks von Schonbeck has taken most of his oil with him.  They hunt around and find more booby traps and a concrete oil-tank that is nearly empty.  However, no submarine could have the capacity for the amount of oil that has gone, judging from the level marks against the side.  Biggles thinks the whaler is carrying the reserve oil but he can't really sink a Norwegian boat without diplomatic repercussions.  Climbing up to the top of a low cliff, Biggles see gulls in the distance and wonders what is tumbling in the surf.  Going over to the beach, they find two dead men.  Biggles searches one of the men and notes he has been shot.  In his pocket his finds letters addressed to "Sven Honritzen, Maritime Hotel, Oslo".  He was a Norwegian officer from the whaler.  Biggles is angry.  "My God! The score against this inhuman devil is mounting,"  he burst out suddenly, as if his passion had burst through his natural restraint.  "We'll get him. We'll get him if we have to follow him to the Arctic and back again to the Antarctic!  Biggles and Ginger bury the sailors and Biggles says 'The Lord's Prayer' over them.