by Captain W. E. Johns



X.                    ALGY CARRIES ON  (Pages 107 - 114)


"After sighting the bear, from which they drew natural but quite wrong conclusions", Algy and Bertie return to Kerguelen.  They refuel and then make a reconnaissance of all the ice-bergs in the region.  To their astonishment, they find five men trapped on an ice-berg and landing, they discover they are five stranded sailors from the Norwegian whaler.  One of the sailors, Axel Prinz, speaks good English and he explains that three days ago they were out hunting when the submarine surfaced and took their ship.  They were left behind and they lost their small boat when it was crushed in the ice.  The sailors have some information about what happened to Biggles and Ginger as they saw the fire of the burning plane and a boat returning to the whaler.  All the Norwegians are taken back to the base at Kerguelen.  One of the Norwegians was the whaler's cook so a good meal is prepared.  Algy wants to return to Corbie Island and attempt a night landing on the far side and then walk to the cove where he suspected the submarine might be.  The Norwegians know the island well and they still have their guns, so the will make useful allies.  They plan to set off at sundown.