by Captain W. E. Johns



XVIII.                     THE END OF THE TRAIL  (Pages 188 - 191)


Algy apologises for mucking up his landing.  Biggles isn't worried, although it means they will have to walk home.  Suddenly a Nimrod aircraft arrives.  "A Nimrod usually means that an aircraft carrier is in the offing", says Biggles.  Our heroes walk back to the cove where they see bright lights.  An aircraft carrier is anchored outside, the 'Vega'.  A figure approaches out of the shadows.  It is Air Commodore Raymond.  Biggles explains that von Schonbeck is dead and the gold is "kicking about too".  All Biggles wants is a bath and a bed.  Biggles and Co. and the Norwegians return home on the 'Vega' and that takes the best part of a month.  The first morning they all report for duty at their Scotland Yard office, Air Commodore Raymond says he will have something new for them.  But he'll leave it until tomorrow.