by Captain W. E. Johns



VIII.                         DEATH IN THE FOREST  (Pages 96 - 104)


Bertie returned to the rendezvous shortly after three-thirty and is surprised to find that Ginger is not there.  Bertie tells Kisumo that Ginger must have gone on home but they wait for a while in case Ginger is nearby.  Returning to the lodge, they hear a plane land and Kisumo goes to tell Mr. Kreeze that Ginger is missing.  Bertie is summoned to Kreeze's office and finds present Kreeze, Robinson, Doctor Dorov, Kisumo and to his astonishment, Tug Carrington.  Tug is sent away by Kreeze.  Bertie is suddenly confronted by photographs of himself outside Scotland Yard.  Bertie is asked if Bigglesworth sent him and Bertie confirms that is correct.  Bertie is told to take Kisumo with him and go and find Hebblethwaite.  Back in the forrest, Kisumo suddenly changes his manner.  "The respectful native had gone.  An insolent negro stood in his place".  "Now for the first time, when he spoke he used the drawling jargon of the American gangster".  "Your shooting days are over, fly-cop", jeered the black.  "I'm doing the shooting and you're going to be the target - see?"  Bertie tries to leap sideways but skids and falls.  A rifle shot crashes and Bertie lies still.