by Captain W. E. Johns



XV.                 BIGGLES TAKES CHARGE  (Pages 175 - 187)


Algy has left to see Raymond and Biggles tells Tug the result of their search at Stellar Airways.  Biggles says "I've got to get to Kudinga" and decides to stowaway on Tug's aircraft for his next journey, confident that he will be sent back there.  Biggles wears an Arab 'Burnous' over his ordinary clothes and Tug and Biggles work out a scheme to get Biggles hidden into the luggage compartment on the plane.  Dressed as an Arab, Tug calls him in to help out and then distracts the other workers by giving them other jobs so Biggles can hide aboard.  Tug has to take an important director of Stellar Airways, a man by the name of White, back down to Kudinga.  Tug puts Mr. White's bag in the main cabin rather than in the luggage compartment where Biggles is hidden.  There is hardly any conversation between Tug and Mr. White on the journey to Kudinga, but White does tell Tug to stay close to him in case he needs to get away.  On arrival White goes to see Kreeze to find out what the position is.  Tug puts the aircraft in the hanger so Biggles can leave the luggage compartment then goes to join White who is asking if they have "submerged the works".  A worker called George comes running up from the power house to report that Hebblethwaite is in the print works.  There has been shooting and as a result they have not sunk the print works in case it fills with water  due to the bullet holes.  Tug slips away and goes to find Biggles, who has now discarded his Arab 'burnous' and is squatting on an undercarriage wheel smoking a cigarette waiting for Tug.  Tug tells Biggles the latest news and Biggles decides to go down to Ginger at the power house.  They set off at a run for the gate in the wire.