Book First Published June 1949* - 191 pages

* W. E. Johns was sent his six presentation copies of this book with a covering letter dated 29th June 1949.  This information is taken from a letter from A. P. Watt & Son to W. E. Johns in my collection

I believe this Biggles book was never serialised elsewhere.  If anybody knows differently then please E-MAIL ME


Biggles, Algy, Ginger and Bertie go to the South American Rain Forest in order to rescue their old comrade, Angus Mackail. He, and a number of other people, have been conned into "farming" in the jungle, where in reality they are just slave labour. Unable to escape because of the remoteness of the area, no one knows of their plight until a man named Linton defies the odds and manages to bring word to Biggles. The area, named 'Paradise Valley', is run by a Doctor Liebgarten, but is really a front for ex-Nazi's who are carrying out various experiments and building a secret weapon. Also present is a certain Erich von Stalhein. Biggles and Ginger meet with Doctor Liebgarten but are not fooled by his charm. Biggles is bitten by a tarantula, but recovers sufficiently to organise a revolt by the "farmers" and save the day. The jacket dust cover shows Biggles on a pony, with his arm in a sling as a result of the said bite, leading the farmers in the revolt.


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Biggles Takes a Holiday

Publication Details - published by Hodder and Stoughton



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