by Captain W. E. Johns



VI.                   GINGER RUNS AWAY  (Pages 75 - 83)


Ginger is terrified and runs for his life.  Finding the guide sticks he makes his way back to the base camp, running all the way.  When he arrives he can hardly speak.  "What's the matter with you?" Biggles asked sharply.  Ginger says he's seen a ghost.  Biggles gives Ginger a brandy, realising that Ginger is suffering from shock - "pretty severe shock too".  Ginger explains he found the grave of Manton, then the ship and the gold.  Then he saw an eye.  "What's odd about that?  You've seen an eye before to-day" says Biggles unsympathetically.  Biggles asks why he didn't check what it was.  "No, sir" says Ginger, "I would out of the ship so fast that a bullet coming behind me would have been left standing".  Ginger is reluctant to return to the ship.  Biggles says "If you'll show it to me I'll guarantee to gouge out this disconcerting optic".  They decide to have a cup of tea before going to collect the bullion.