by Captain W. E. Johns



VII.                 THE HORROR IN THE HULK  (Pages 84 - 98)


Biggles, Ginger and the Skipper set out late evening to investigate the mystery, although it is still light in the Antarctic.  It takes just over an hour of walking on the ice to get to the vessel.  Ginger tells Biggles there is definitely somebody in the ship and for a moment he sees a fleeting glimpse of a human head with a matted crop of reddish hair.  When Biggles calls out loudly if anyone is there an axe is thrown at him.  Biggles says that whoever it is, he is going to fetch them out.  "We can't go away and leave teh wretched fellow here".  A man is eventually chased out and he is carrying one of the gold bars.  The Skipper recognises him as Larson, the sailor lost from the 'Velt'.  Biggles says they will have to shift the gold and put it somewhere that Larson can't find it otherwise he will hide the gold somewhere in the snow and it will never be recovered.  Biggles thinks it will be possible to land a plane there.  They move the gold bars to a point about one hundred yards from the open sea.  They can only be carried at the rate of one bar per man per journey so it takes some time.  The plan is for Biggles and the Skipper to go back and go back and load up the plane and for Biggles to fly it down to pick up the gold.  They can radio for Algy and Bertie to fly down and help with the load as well.  Ginger will stay with the gold.  Ginger wonders what he should do if Larson comes back.  "I wouldn't like to use my gun on a lunatic".  Biggles doesn't think Larson will bother Ginger.  Ginger sees Biggles and the Skipper off and waits for their return.  In due course he hears the engines of the Wellington start up but eventually all he can hear is silence and there is no sign of Biggles.  Three hours pass and Ginger is worried.  "Something has gone wrong.  Biggles was in trouble".