by Captain W. E. Johns



XV.                 THE END OF THE STORY  (Pages 189 - 191)


The two Wellingtons return to the Falklands where Grimy and Larsen receive proper medical attention.  The gold will be taken back home by on of H.M. ships.  "Some time elapsed before any news came through about Lavinsky and his crew".  The reason for this was severe gales preventing any attempt to reach the men so they are stuck there for the long polar winter.  When they are rescued only eleven men remain alive.  "Lavinsky was not among them, nor were his owners, Shim and Sham".  The 'Svelt' had been frozen in the ice.  The men had lived in the ship but quarrels had led to open fighting.  "In one of these brawls Lavinsky had been shot by a man who had subsequently died; but who had actually killed him was never discovered".  Shim and Sham had also been killed in the shooting.  The Skipper and Grimy returned to Glasgow.  Larsen recovered and joined a Norwegian whaler.  In a letter to our heroes he mentioned the bar of gold he took and hid under the ice.  It's still there.  "As far as I'm concerned" remarked Biggles, "it can stay there".