Book First Published in February 1951 - 191 pages

The story was originally published in seven monthly parts as BIGGLES IN ARABIA in COLLINS MAGAZINE FOR BOYS AND GIRLS

from February 1950 to August 1950 and then reprinted in the 1951 COLLINS MAGAZINE ANNUAL Volume 4


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After being promoted to Detective Air-Inspector, Biggles investigates the supply of a particularly addictive drug called Gurra. The book features Ginger and Bertie only, the reason for Algy not being present is given that he is on holiday. The only known crop of the drug has been discovered in Arabia and Biggles' job is to burn it. On arrival at the scene, however, he finds that it has already been burnt and seeds taken by an unscrupulous drug trader to grow his own. With the help of an Arab by the name of Zahar, the team traces where the drug is being grown. The Arab followers of the drug dealer capture Biggles, and their meeting with him is depicted on the cover of the dust jacket. Ginger has already been captured after being lost in the desert due to the effects of involuntarily consuming hashish. Just as Ginger and Biggles are to be hanged, Bertie saves the day by blowing up the reservoir of water necessary to grow the drug crop. The resulting flood washes away the crop and leaves no water for further irrigation, so the hot desert sun can destroy what is left.


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Another Job for Biggles

Publication Details - published by Hodder & Stoughton



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