by Captain W. E. Johns



II.                    AN ASSIGNMENT IN ARABIA  (Pages 22 - 32)


Various people in London have recently been found under the influence of this powerful narcotic.  Sometimes the cigarettes had been used to dope people without them knowing what they were smoking and then they were robbed.  The only way to kill the racket is to destroy the stuff at its source.  Raymond wants Biggles to fly out to the remote wadi where the gurra was found and burn the lot.  Biggles is told it is easy to land an aircraft nearby and there are conspicuous land features which will lead him to the Wadi al Arwat, which is the Arab name for the place.  Biggles is told that the three Arabs who went with Doctor Darnley were called, Abu bin Hamud, Kuatim and Zahar and they all speak English.  Photos of them can be provided.  Aden is about 150 miles away from the wadi as a plane flies, although it would be six weeks by camel.  At Aden, Biggles could have the help of a retired Middle East Political Officer, named Captain Jerry Norman, who speaks all the dialects.