by Captain W. E. Johns



VIII.                         GINGER FALLS OUT  (Pages 100 - 109)


The day passes and the air clears somewhat, but Biggles decides there should be no flying until the following day when conditions have returned to normal.  He decides they should therefore use the night for a ground reconnaissance of "this hashish factory".  On route, says Zahar, there is a stream which overflows from the Sultan's water storage which runs to a water hole.  They set off by moonlight and make their way to the water hole, which is a mere trickle ending in a stagnant pool.  Biggles takes a sip and spits it out.  "I wouldn't touch it unless I really needed it," he told Ginger.  "You'll probably find a dead camel lying in it higher up."  Ginger is too thirsty to accept his advice.  They carry on their journey and after about twenty minutes, Ginger begins to feel unwell.  He feels sick and giddy.  Eventually he confesses that he can't carry on and Biggles says he should stay where he is so they can pick him up on the way back.  When Biggles and Zahar have gone, Ginger gets worse and is violently sick and becomes delirious.  "With an inarticulate cry he scrambled to his feet and reeling like a drunken man blundered blindly into the benighted desolation."