Book First Published on 23rd September 1954 - 190 pages

This story was first published, in ten parts, as BIGGLES JOINS THE LEGION in Junior Mirror  issues 1 to 10, dated 1st September 1954 to 3rd November 1954

The serialisation rights to this book were also sold to the ‘Liverpool Daily Post’ but I have no information as to any publication dates.  If anybody knows then please E-MAIL ME


First edition dust jacket showing original price of 7 shillings and 6 pence


When Biggles' opposite number and old friend in the French Surete, Marcel Brissac, joins the French Foreign Legion, Biggles is intrigued as to why. After thinking it through, Biggles concludes that Marcel is onto an international gang with a financial interest in war. Various Countries are at war with each other and when there is a chance of peace, an incident usually occurs to thwart the peace process. The international gang is behind such incidents. The only lead is the knowledge that the gang encourages French Foreign Legionnaires to desert and join them. Biggles and Ginger join Marcel in the Legion, and find he is under suspicion. Eventually, Biggles and Ginger are approached to desert due to their flying experience. The first attempt goes wrong but eventually they do desert and so follow a trail that they hope will lead them to the people in charge. The trail leads to the Valley of the Tartars, where a secret squadron is carrying out acts of aggression. Here they discover the gang's latest recruit is a certain Erich Von Stalhein. With the help of a lone madman waging a one-man war against the gang and a surprise attack by Kurds, Biggles foils their plans. Air Commodore Raymond gets to meet Von Stalhein for the first time. The dust cover depicts Biggles in the Legion uniform.


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Biggles Foreign Legionnaire

Publication Details - published by Hodder and Stoughton



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The original artwork opposite page 156 in this book was once in my private collection


Cover of the French edition (most appropriate!) – Biggles dans la Legion – Biggles in the Legion