Book First Published in August 1957 - 190 pages

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First edition dust jacket showing the original price of 8 shillings and 6 pence


Biggles is asked by Inspector Gaskin to help him catch a fence, that is, a handler of stolen goods. Gaskin believes this mystery person must be using an aeroplane to fly stolen goods out of the country. A fake news report of a serious theft is circulated in the papers. Biggles then goes to the Barnstable Arms in Soho, a well known watering-hole for criminals, to show off some of the proceeds and see who is interested in them. Approaching a criminal called Gus Norman and pretending to know of him through a mutual acquaintance, Biggles shows him a stolen gold mount. This leads to an approach being made to Biggles to sell it, and he does, to a mystery man wearing an RAF tie, at Victoria Station. Biggles is then approached for the stone that was set in the mount. The police, by following Norman, have trailed him to the train station at a place called Hertford. Biggles and Ginger keep watch at this station and see a black Daimler car drop Norman off. They then follow the Daimler to a large country house. Booking in to a local hotel, Biggles bumps into an old friend, Bill Reverley who is with the man in the RAF tie whom Biggles met briefly at Victoria Station. The man is introduced as Verney Laxter. Biggles bluffs his way out of the situation. Biggles and Ginger go and investigate the large country house by flying over it and taking photographs. This is the picture on the dustcover of the book. Reverley is murdered in a plane crash when sugar is put in his fuel after turning down a job with the crooks. Biggles is then offered the job that Reverley has turned down. When Biggles is taken, with Ginger, to the large country house, they find that their cover has been blown and they are exposed as police officers. They are locked in the cellar. Algy and Bertie go to investigate the house after arranging a police raid with Inspector Gaskin. Further jewellery thefts have taken place and the police raid is just in time, as the crooks are vacating the house for good, having set fire to it. The fire was meant to destroy any evidence as well as kill Biggles and Ginger locked in the cellar.


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Biggles on the Home Front

Subtitle - An adventure of Biggles and his Air Police Pilots in and around London

Publication Details - published by Hodder and Stoughton



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