Book First Published on 3rd July 1958 - 192 pages

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First edition dust jacket showing the original price of 8 shillings and 6 pence


Biggles is sent to investigate mysterious disappearances on the British owned island of Oratovoa in the middle of the Pacific. He takes with him not only Algy, Bertie and Ginger but also Marcel Brissac of the French Securite Nationale and Sven Heldersen, a Swedish police Officer. This is because both French and Swedish nationals are missing. Arriving in a "Pegasus" flying boat the team firstly come upon an abandoned ship, one that had been reported missing. After attempting to land on the island, they are attacked by a pack of savage dogs. Leaving Algy and Bertie in charge of the aircraft, the others undertake a momentous trek to the top of the island. This is the picture on the dust cover. They had previously seen what appears to be a community of people living in the crater of an apparently extinct volcano, when they flew over the island. Reaching the top they meet a Swedish citizen named Axel Pruntz. He tells them about "King" Hara who runs the community but keeps people as virtual slaves, using a dozen or so guards and the dogs and the harsh landscape to prevent escapes. Biggles encounters Hara's deputy, a man called Swenson and kills him in self-defence. Biggles goes to see Hara, the self-styled King and tries to reason with him but it is obvious that the man is bordering on insanity. Biggles and Marcel are imprisoned but Ginger, Sven and Axel help them to literally break out. Rounding up all the captives on the island they escape back to the sea, shooting dogs left, right and centre. This becomes a race against time as various earth tremors have now been followed by an eruption of the volcano. Meanwhile, Algy and Bertie are struggling to keep the aircraft safe as the sea rages beneath them. The captives are evacuated using both the plane and the abandoned ship, leaving Hara and his cronies, who declined a chance to leave, to face the burning embers that are falling everywhere.


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Biggles on Mystery Island

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