Book First Published on 19th January 1959 - 183 pages

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First edition dust jacket showing the original price of 8 shillings and 6 pence


The story starts with Biggles and Ginger in the Mexican desert. Unusually, this time, their form of transport is a car and they soon get stuck in some soft sand. A passing Mexican uses his horse to pull them out and this is the picture on the dust cover of the book. We then learn why they are there. They are heading for the remote village of Eltora, where a gang of thieves is hiding out, waiting to sell the proceeds of a diamond robbery in London where a caretaker had been shot dead. The thieves are Nicolas 'Ritzy' Brabinsky, Carlos 'Corny' Cornelli and Samuel 'Nifty' Brimshawe. These three crooks are waiting to meet with a Hugo Schultz, who is willing to buy the diamond haul off them. Before travelling to Mexico, Biggles had been to visit his old enemy, Erich von Stalhein, who is no longer an enemy, following his rescue (in the previous Biggles book). Von Stalhein knows Schultz of old and is able to give Biggles some valuable information about him. On reaching Eltora, Biggles' car breaks down and he finds himself stranded there. He and Ginger get to know the gang of thieves, as there are very few non-Mexicans around. Ritzy shoots Cornelli and is arrested for murder just before Schultz arrives with two henchmen. Borrowing a car, Ginger is sent back to the USA to get spare parts for the broken down car and to pass a message to Algy and Bertie. Ginger has a bad time, suffering a puncture and then being caught in a huge storm and flash flood, an event most unusual in the desert. Schultz springs Ritzy from prison only to discover the diamonds are hidden in the car Ginger has borrowed. The race is then on to find Ginger who has had to abandon the car in the desert. With the help of a local Mexican called Jose, and aerial reconnaissance by Algy and Bertie, Biggles finds Ginger, who has been captured by Schultz and is being made to show them the whereabouts of the car. However, the villains are in for a bit of a surprise as well as a nasty fate in the desert.


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Biggles in Mexico

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