Book First Published in February 1961 - 182 pages

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First edition dust jacket showing the original price of 8 shillings and 6 pence


Eddie Ross, the United States' member of the International Police Bureau asks Biggles for his help in tracking down a kidnapped boy called Carlo Salvatore, the son of multi-millionaire Rosario Salvatore. He had been kidnapped by Cesare Paola, a man with a grievance against the multi-millionaire. The boy Carlo had been protected all his life and had gone willingly with his kidnapper who offered him the chance to go flying and fishing, which were Carlo's main interests. Eddie has traced the kidnapper and the boy to the United Kingdom. Biggles enlists the help of Inspector Gaskin of Scotland Yard, to trace them to a hotel in Scotland where it is presumed that the boy has been taken fishing. Travelling to Scotland, Biggles, Ginger and Bertie, together with Eddie Ross arrive at the hotel to find that their birds have flown. There then follows a protracted chase around Scotland where the kidnapper, who is now calling himself Cornelli, is always one step ahead. At one stage, Cornelli escapes from them by boat and this is the event that is depicted on the dust cover of the book. To complicate matters further, a gangster known as 'The Viper' and his accomplice are also on the trail having been double-crossed by 'Cornelli'. Eventually, Biggles and Co. trace both Carlo and his kidnapper. Carlo accidentally falls into the river and Biggles saves him. The gangsters shoot it out and get their just deserts.


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Biggles and the Poor Rich Boy

Subtitle - Another case from the records of Biggles and the Special Air Police

Publication Details - published by Brockhampton Press



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