Book First Published on 30th September 1963 - 159 pages

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The first edition dust jacket showing the original price of 8 shillings and 6 pence


Biggles is called in to investigate the disappearance of a plane from Kingsmead Flying Club. Taffy Welsh, the club's chief pilot was giving a half hour 'joy ride' to a paying member of the public in a Piper Cub aircraft and has not been seen since. Biggles, Ginger and Bertie set out on the trail (Algy being in India) and after a week or so, their diligent enquiries give them a lead. An airfield at Lysett in Somerset confirms they have refuelled the missing plane. The mysterious passenger is identified as Snifty Chandler an ex-RAF pilot. Bertie follows Chandler in the police Auster aircraft, the next time he refuels the stolen Cub at Lysett. Chandler lands at an isolated farmhouse and engine trouble forces Bertie to land there as well. Here Bertie is held captive and discovers that Taffy Welsh is also a prisoner. Forced to help by flying the Auster, Bertie discovers that Chandler is smuggling industrial diamonds to France, for onward transmission behind the iron curtain. Meanwhile, Biggles and Ginger track Bertie to the farmhouse and alert the French authorities to the fact that an unauthorised aircraft is coming their way. Bertie and Chandler drop off the diamonds and pick up a mysterious passenger to return to England. When they don't respond to calls to land by the French authorities, they are fired upon and this passenger is killed. A landing to try to help the passenger results in a minor crash. Chandler makes his own way back to England after trying to kill Bertie, who later follows on to England in the Auster. With the help of Inspector Gaskin, Biggles and Ginger raid the farmhouse and find a Doctor Hammal, who is the mastermind behind the racket. Chandler, who has returned to England, is killed trying to escape in the stolen pup. Arrests are made in both England and France to end the racket. The dust cover shows a close up of a pilot and the silhouette of a plane in the background. It is not clear who the pilot is meant to be.


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Biggles and the Plane that Disappeared

Subtitle - A story of the Air Police

Publication Details - published by Hodder and Stoughton



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Johns signed proof copy with his note that it is “Not corrected (none necessary)”

This proof copy is dated June 1963.  The publication date was 30th September 1963