Book First Published on 22nd June 1964 - 159 pages

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The first edition dust jacket showing the original price of 8 shillings and 6 pence


Biggles decides to investigate Roderick Canson, an ex-RAF Officer, whom he knew to be a thief. Canson has just been granted a licence to operate an air Charter Company and Biggles is suspicious as to what he is up to. Ginger is sent on a holiday to Nice in France with the new company. He follows Canson and is attacked and nearly killed. Returning to the UK, Ginger is kidnapped by Canson and held in a large country house. Here he meets Mr X, a man who wears a black mask to conceal his identity. The dust cover shows Ginger being brought before Mr. X, with a large picture of the man in the mask. Biggles and Bertie investigate Ginger's disappearance. Biggles follows Ginger's route to the hotel room where he was staying and finds that he has left a coded message for them. Bertie keeps watch on Canson's airfield and follows his distinctive Rolls Royce from the air. This leads him to a large country house. Biggles suspects that Ginger is being held in the house and with the help of Inspector Gaskin and a burglar of his acquaintance known as 'Badger', Biggles and Bertie break into the house, after doping the guard dogs. They do this because Canson has threatened to murder Ginger if they don't drop their investigations. Ginger is rescued and Canson flees in his plane to Nice, where, with the help of Marcel Brissac, he is arrested. The air Charter Company is a front for smuggling counterfeit currency. Returning to raid the large country house, Biggles is in for a big surprise as to what is behind the scheme and who the man behind the mask is.


The original cover artwork for this book was once in my own private collection

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Biggles and the Black Mask

Subtitle - A Story of Biggles and the Air Police

Publication Details - published by Hodder and Stoughton



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