Book First Published on 23rd August 1965 - 160 pages

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The first edition dust jacket showing the original price of 10 shillings and 6 pence


The second edition dust jacket shows the same price of 10 shillings and 6 pence but in a different place.  Note the different book logo on the spine as this book is now published by Brockhampton Press rather than Hodder & Stoughton Ltd.  The main give away that this is a second edition cover and not the first is the book titles on the rear. Biggles Scores a Bull is number 73 but then four later titles are listed.


Biggles is asked by Inspector Gaskin to help him investigate the theft of bulls. Used by farmers for breeding purposes, they can be worth a fortune. The next time it happens a bailiff is murdered when he is deliberately shot with what later turns out to be a doping gun. At the scene of the crime Biggles finds two rubber capped phials and guesses that the bulls were doped to make them easier to handle. Ginger makes inquiries with the Ministry of Agriculture to get a list of the most important bulls in the Country. He finds that a Mr. Walter Thellin, the brother of the first theft victim, has also been after the same information. Biggles has discovered that Walter Thellin also visited one of the other victims trying to buy his 'priceless' bull before the theft took place. This makes Thellin the number one suspect, so Biggles and Ginger go to investigate his farm at Lockley Manor in Somerset. At the farm, Biggles and Ginger see a Cadillac that belongs to Don Jose Cordino, a South American millionaire and cattle baron. Ginger, posing as a journalist, goes to interview Cordino in order to find out more about his buying and selling of cattle. He learns that Cordino is due to send a shipment of cattle back to South America in five days' time. Bertie is sent to keep an eye on Thellin's place, but after seeing a cattle truck arrive and following it, he stumbles on another bull theft. Bertie is seen, coshed and left for dead. While Biggles goes to visit Bertie in hospital, Ginger is sent to keep an eye on the farm. Getting close up behind a hedge he sees a stolen bull that has been doped and is being painted to disguise its distinctive markings. Thellin discharges his dope gun casually into the hedge and Ginger is hit by pure accident. Ginger pulls the dart out of his hand and makes it to the road before passing out. Biggles and Gaskin later find him. Now with ample evidence, the police raid Thellin's farm and arrest all present, except Thellin who locks himself in his house and commits suicide. Cordino returns to South America because the police cannot establish whether he was behind the thefts or whether he was merely to be an innocent purchaser of the stolen bulls. The dust cover shows Biggles' helicopter and a photograph of a bull in a gun sight.


There are no story illustrations in this book


Biggles Scores a Bull

Subtitle - An adventure of Biggles and the Air Police

Publication Details - published by Hodder and Stoughton



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