Book First Published in September 1967 - 151 pages

I believe this Biggles book was never serialised elsewhere.  If anybody knows differently then please E-MAIL ME


The first edition dust jacket showing the original price of 10 shillings and 6 pence


Biggles is visited by Corporal 'Dusty' Miller, who used to serve in his old squadron. Miller is concerned about his son, Tommy who has, for various reasons, gone off the rails and taken part in a raid on a Regent's Street jewellery shop and stolen a quarter of a million pounds' worth of jewels. Tommy has a fantastic tale of greed and treachery to tell that has left the jewels hidden on an island off the coast of Canada. Tommy wants to remedy the wrong he has done and is willing to testify against the other thieves and also to assist in the recovery of the loot. Biggles takes Tommy back to the island and with Ginger and Bertie they intend to search for the jewels. However, the real villain is also after the jewels and only Tommy knows where there are. The bulk of the action takes place on the island before the jewels are safely in Biggles' hands and the baddies get their comeuppance.


There are no story illustrations in this book


The first edition cover of this book features a picture of a REAL pilot from the cover of Picture Post magazine, published at the height of the Battle of Britain on 31st August 1940.

This is Pilot Officer Keith Gillman of 32 Squadron, photographed at RAF Hawkinge in the summer of 1940.  Sadly, he was lost over the Channel on the 25th August 1940.


Biggles and the Penitent Thief

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