Book First Published in September 1968 - 184 pages

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The first edition dust jacket showing the original price of 10 shillings and 6 pence


Biggles is on the trail of notorious criminal Nicholas Lazor, known as Nick the Sheikh or Lazor the Razor. Lazor has escaped from Dartmoor prison and disappeared for two years and it has now been discovered that he had joined the RAF. Lazor has recently been spotted after the theft of a pearl necklace meeting a 'fair, blue-eyed' man in the Icarian Club in London. Biggles joins the Icarian Club and after a while sees a man answering the description of the 'fair, blue-eyed' man. Getting chatting to him, Biggles finds out a lot of information. After a telephone call, the man (who is called Caine) changes his attitude and leaves. Biggles leaves and is attacked by the razor-wielding villain, Lazor. Surviving the attack with only a slashed raincoat, Biggles sets about making enquiries with the information he has learnt. Bertie goes to locate a farm that Caine says he has in Hampshire. Finding it, and then being caught by a dog, Bertie climbs what appears to be a solid haystack only to find it is hollow on the inside and there is an aeroplane concealed there. Biggles and Ginger go looking for Bertie at the farm, only to find it deserted and splattered with blood. Lazor has slashed Caine's face and Caine has fled by car to hospital. Biggles climbs the haystack and finds Lazor inside with Bertie. Lazor shoots his way out and the haystack catches fire. In the confusion and darkness, Lazor escapes. Going to hospital to see Caine, Biggles finds him more willing to talk about his association with Lazor. A clue leads Biggles to the Podbury Flying Club and its Secretary, Kendrick Seaton-Thompson. Thompson has been asked to deliver a package for Lazor and on opening it, Biggles discovers it is the stolen pearl necklace. Lazor is at the Flying Club and escapes in an old Gypsy Moth. Ginger gives chase in the Auster aircraft. Lazor returns to Caine's farm and crashes his plane. Ginger uses his radio to make contact with Algy back at base and pass the information onto Biggles, who follows on, using a Flying Club plane. Here the final showdown takes place before Lazor gets his comeuppance. The dust cover shows Nick wielding his razor over a picture of the burning barn and the aerial chase above.


There are no story illustrations in this book


Biggles in the Underworld

Publication Details - published by Brockhampton Press



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