There are in fact FOUR versions of BIGGLES DOES SOME HOMEWORK …….


Two are fully authorised (they are the two on the right hand side) – published by Norman Wright and the other two are unauthorised publications.

One of these unauthorised publications is limited to 30 books and does not try to pass itself off as the genuine authorised book.  It is in fact an extremely well-produced version of the story and I wouldn’t label it a “fake” at all – just an unauthorised alternative version – and probably one of the rarest Biggles books.


The other unauthorised publication is an attempt to copy the much sought after PAPERBACK first edition of the book.

This is a complete and utter criminal fraud that is intended to deceive a genuine buyer!  BEWARE!


The fake first edition paperback is an attempt to cash in on the high prices that the real first edition is worth.  The number of these particular fakes are unknown, but if somebody has gone to the trouble of having a print run done it is likely to be large.  They have also had the effect of reducing the value of the real limited edition first edition paperback.


You need to know the differences between the REAL GENUINE first edition and the fake paperback.  That is explained here – and I am able to do that as I accidently bought a fake in July 2016, believing it to be genuine and now have an example in my collection so I can show photos in comparison.



The most important thing to note is the back of the book – the FAKE is on the LEFT.  The real first edition has a black border on the back!  Check yours!


I bought my copy off an innocent person who genuinely believed they had an original first edition – until I pointed out the differences …….. they refunded my money and we came to an agreement as to the purchasing of the fake as a curiosity to enable me to make this web page as a warning to genuine collectors.



There are other differences as well.  Firstly the SIZE of the book.  The genuine first edition is 21 cms by 15 cms.  The fake is noticeably smaller, 20 cm by 13.5 cm.  This means that the cover picture is cut off, so there are more fingers on Air Commodore Raymond on the genuine first edition and more trees on the left.


There is also a clear difference inside on the title page ….


The fake is on the left – note the thinner title font – and shoddy numbering!

Above is the true first edition – number 123 of 300, signed by Andrew Skilleter





Finally, here are details of the “Helping HaND” edition of BIGGLES DOES SOME HOMEWORK.  This is a limited edition of 30 copies and was the first hardback edition of the book.  Although unauthorised, it doesn’t try to pass itself off as the original.  It appears to have been produced in a style to match the Brockhampton Press originals and so sits nicely with them on the bookshelf.  Probably one of the rarest Biggles books if there are only 30.


There is also a companion issue to this book called BIGGLES ON THE WESTERN FRONT, also limited to only 30 copies, which reprints the eight WW1 stories from BIGGLES – AIR ACE (but not the two Air Police stories) and has six ADDITIONAL stories as follows:-


“Hard Case” Carrington – from the October 1939 issue of “Air Stories


Reunion – from the November 1941 issue of “Britannia and Eve


So this is War – from the February 1940 issue of “Air Stories


Spitfire Parade – from the March 1940 issue of “Air Stories


Sausage and Mash – from the March 1940 issue of “Air Stories


Biggles on the Trail – from the Modern Boy’s Annual 1941



Here are some pictures showing the covers, spines and printing details ………



This is number 17 out of 30

This is number 6 out of 30



The rear cover of Homework is to the left and Western Front to the right, the latter has 99 Biggles books including itself listed on the back

A study of the titles shows they have accidently missed off “Biggles Fails to Return”! (and included Biggles of the Royal Flying Corps)